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Deck the Halls with Sparky bunnies

It looks like I'm down to only posting once a year, but anyway, here's a Sparky Christmas bunny.

Deck the HallsCollapse )

It's Coming On Christmas

Imagine that it's soon going to be Christmas, and Elizabeth is feeling nostalgic. John gets a sudden burst of inspiration and sets out to make her every wish come true. Imagine also that she never even heard of Asurans and their nasty little nanites. Song lyrics are from "River" by Joni Mitchell.

It's Coming On ChristmasCollapse )

Another day, another Atlantis AU...

If you've ever wondered what The Shrine could have been like if John had been the one infected instead of Rodney, then this fic is for you. I gave it my own little twist by putting it in an AU in which Elizabeth never left, Carson is still Carson, and nobody has ever heard of Keller. I like Kanaan and Torren, so we kept them. So, let me present...

Sheppard's ShrineCollapse )

Here by popular demand...Cafeteria Lady

Have you ever wondered who runs the kitchen on Atlantis? Somebody has to plan meals and manage the staff that serves them. Meet Cafeteria Lady. She doesn't have a name and probably never will, but she has a lot to say. And a million thanks to Nolamom for the .gif.

Cafeteria LadyCollapse )

The Night Before Christmas In Atlantis

This is my little fic for the Sparky advent calendar. Just a slight twist on an old tale. Hope you like it. Merry Christmas.

The Night Before Christmas In AtlantisCollapse )

Happy Birthday greetings!

A very big Happy Birthday! to shipperwriter, who is also our newest writer for the SGARising project. We are more than happy to have such a talented writer on board and join her in celebrating her special day.

Fluffy Sparky chapter 2

This is chapter 2 of I Do?.

I Do? Chapter 2Collapse )
I'm not sure where this fic came from. The only correct description would be fluffy crack with a bit of smut. It's set in some unnamed time probably in S3 and seems to have come from a universe in which Elizabeth is actually allowed off world. Chapter 2 will be in a separate post.

I Do?Collapse )

Sparky bunnies attack!

I'm having serious Sparky fic withdrawal with all the working on SGARising and trying to stifle my urge to put Elizabeth in every scene. Gaack! So I had this little bunny attack.

Actually it came from hearing this song, which is one of my all time favorites of all time.

And the fic is called Get Here If You CanCollapse )

SGA has risen!

Over a year of planning, countless hours of discussion and brainstorming and the talented efforts of a dedicated group of fans, fiercely determined to follow canon as closely as is humanly possible, have come together to bring you SGA Rising.

If you want to read the continuing story of Stargate: Atlantis written for the fans, by the fans, go to http://www.sgarising.com/ and check out the first episode: Return to Pegasus Part 1. The first 2 chapters are up and the next 3 will be published in two day intervals starting on June 4. Then you can expect a week off before Return to Pegasus, Part 2. Subsequent episodes will continue until the mid-season holiday break and continue in 2012 for a grand total of 22 new adventures for our team, their friends and family and some characters that we hope will become new favorites.

Read, enjoy and leave a comment on the writers' blog. And tell all your friends.